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Since 2001 CPI Georgia has used unique technology of simultaneous production of oxygen and nitrogen isotopes. We are the main manufacturers of N‑15 isotopes and are the only producers of O‑17 isotope in the world.

​Oxygen is among the prevailing elements in live cells and in live bodies, and a key element in the life activities of the live world.

​Natural oxygen consists of three stable isotopes – O‑18, O‑17, and O‑16, which exist in nature in the ratio of 0.204 % at., 0.037 % at, and 99.759 % at., respectively. Involved in complicated metabolic processes stable isotopes of oxygen provide opportunity using various methods to obtain unique information on the disorders in the vital activities of the bodies, on the effect of medical preparations, etc. Methods, allowing diagnostics in vivo, i.e. directly in the live cells and in real time are certainly the methods of special importance. Method of positron-emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) using substances, labeled with stables isotopes O‑18 and O‑17 provide such high-precision diagnostic possibilities. Today PET diagnostics finds wide application for diagnostics in neurology, oncology and cardiology.

​Two stable isotopes of nitrogen exist in nature – N‑14 and N‑15, their natural abundance being – 99.635 at. % and 0.365 at. %, respectively.

​Fast development of the processes of synthesis of complicated biologically active preparations has, on the one hand resulted in the appearance of a new manufacturer, and on the other hand in the formation of stable demand in 99.5 % at. enriched N‑15.

​The final product of this production process is nitric oxide (NO), enriched both by the isotopes of oxygen‑18 and nitrogen‑15, while oxygen‑17 isotope is obtained at a uniquely high concentration.

All the above presents the strategic tasks of preserving unique technologies of stable isotopes production and multi-fold enlargement of the production capacities.

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