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Basic specifications of air separation plant:

· Weight production capacity in liquid nitrogen - 540 kg/h;

· Liquid nitrogen purity (oxygen content in volume %) - not more than 0.0001;

· Specific power consumption – not more than 1.4 kWh/kg.

​The plant uses an average pressure cycle with two turboexpanders, one throttle and heat exchangers. Air drying and purification of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons is fulfilled in the zeolite purification unit.  Air separation is conducted in the column for single rectification.

​Four-stage air compressor, an indivisible part of the air separation plant provides compressed air feeding into the plant inlet. The power of the main electric engine of the compressor is 630 kW; Operation of the air separation plant is provided by one compressor, while the second one is in the hot standby, and the third one - stopped for maintenance and reparation works.

Produced liquid nitrogen is accumulated in the cryo-tanks. Periodically, liquid nitrogen is pumped from the cryo-tanks by cryo-pumps or directly from the air separation plant and directed through 500m long VIP cryo-pipeline to the isotope production plants.

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