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Established in 2001 by a Swiss company CPI. Currently, we produce stable isotopes, packing all the mainstream and under the radar trends and crucial data into our niche specific research reports. The secret to our success is that our thorough and in depth scientific knowledge and know-how which is based on our unique scientist. The Company operates under the ISO 9001–2015 and G.M.P. Certificates. Today, CPI Georgia employs about 90 people. And wherever our experts – some of them have over 40 years experience.

Our company is integrated in numerous spheres of high technologies. The Company was founded on the base of the former Institute of Stable Isotopes in Georgia, and thus has more than 70-year-long history.

​Scientific fields of application of isotopic technologies, and among them of stable isotope technologies (physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, ecology, metallurgy, applied mathematics, informatics), level of the production process automation, necessity and requirements of the modern equipment introduction, active connection with such high technology fields as Medical Diagnostics, Agriculture, etc. form all the features, which refer them to the so-called range of “high technology processes”. Processes of ultra-pure materials (special industrial gases) production also refer to this category. They are methodologically closely connected with each other.

​Application of stable isotopes in various fields of science and technology is explained by their specific physical features. Each of the above spheres occupies its own economic and technological area, and despite their different history, past and present they have one common feature: they all refer to the range of high technologies. It should be noted that there are not so many specialists, dealing with stable isotope production technologies, and approximately 20 of them are working in CPI Georgia.

High international prestige of CPI Georgia, its experience and efficiency provided opportunity to present at the expert level the potential of Georgia in the field of future development of high technologies. For any country leadership in high technologies provides for its economic stability and increases its production potential.

​Stable isotope is a version of a specific chemical element, which differs in the number of neutrons in the atomic nucleus, and thus in its mass. Isotopes of one and the same element are similar in their physical and chemical features, however, they have minor specific differences, which is known as “isotopic effect”, which provides opportunity to predict exactly isotopic composition of materials and substances. In this view it is possible to use stable isotopes to label material and compounds with isotopes, thus changing the natural isotopic composition, i.e. increasing the concentration of some isotope in it, and thus producing specific isotopic products.

​Today stable isotopes of light masses not exceeding 40 have found wide application in the world. This very range of stable isotopes traditionally and historically fall within the sphere of interest of the CPI Georgia, as such gaseous chemical substances are in this range, which can be separated by the methods of distillation of chemical isotopic exchange.

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