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Established in 2001 by a Swiss company CPI. Currently, we produce stable isotopes, packing all the mainstream and under the radar trends and crucial data into our niche specific research reports. The secret to our success is that our thorough and in depth scientific knowledge and know-how which is based on our unique scientist. The Company operates under the ISO 9001 2015 and G.M.P. Certificates.

​Our company is integrated in numerous spheres of high technologies. The Company was founded on the base of the former Institute of Stable Isotopes in Georgia, and thus has more than 70-year-long history.

The final products are: enriched with O‑18 isotope and enriched with O‑17 isotope water and enriched with N‑15 isotope salts.


O-17 in the form of gas and water for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Scientific Applications


O-18 in the form of water for Medical Applications  


Nitrogen-15 Gas

N-15 in the form of gas  for medical  applications


Nitrogen-15 Salts

N-15 in the form of  salts for  agricultural applications

In December 2001, CPI Georgia started to create the complex of plants for production O‑18, O‑17 and N‑15 isotopes. In December 2002 the equipment was launched and the planed productivity was achieved after 5 months. The uniqueness of the complex is that it can produce at the same time nitric oxide enriched with O‑18, O‑17 and N‑15 isotopes.

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